Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Viscount Bubbles - 33

I least I'd like to think that I've stumbled upon a nice discovery. A discovery for me you understand is something most people are already very familiar with. A very good friend of mine last week suggested I read a book by English author Iris Murdoch. (I've never read any of her books)  In England I live as far from the sea as it's possible to get ...yes, even on an island!...I live smack bang in the middle. so I love the sea , I dream about the sea..and my thoughts and emotions are drawn to the notion of the ocean! So my friend Alison ( who we stayed with last week in York) said the novel by Murdoch called 'the Sea, the sea' would be good to try.

I've just read the introduction which was John Burnside, it went on to discuss the reasons why we might feel the need to retreat from the restore and regenerate 'find ourselves'.  The Times printed an obituary for Iris in 1999, the substance of which resonates completely with me and my current thinking regarding my work.

"Those who reproached her for her publishing too much were perhaps missing the point: her project was one of imperfection, or imperfectability even, as if the perfect - like the good, about which she meditated deeply - was fundamentally beyond human achievement.If for her every novel was a fresh attempt attain her ideal, she found each time that her ideal had moved on"

I feel the same about my work...I am forever disappointed that I'm unable to render that which is in my mind's eye...but I do not lose hope...I plan next time to reach the perfect......

If only?..... ;)


Devil Mood said...

That's a fantastic quote! In portuguese we usually say "perfection is the enemy of the good". If one gets so caught up in trying to get it right, nothing will come out at all. I know from experience.
And also love the 2nd part of the quote, about the ideal moving on. So true.
I hope you like the book. I haven't read Iris Murdoch myself but she's been highly recommended.

Niall young said...

A good interpretation ...'perfection is the enemy of the good'...I think one should keep one's sight on that which ignites our passion and not the achievement of that which is the 'end'. the author E.M.Forster once said of authors in general, that people often mistake the signpost for the destination.....that a work of art/literature is a signpost on a journey as opposed to having arrived at a destination and achieved perfection.

Devil Mood said...

Very good thought too!