Sunday, April 29, 2012

Viscount Bubbles - 43 and Echinops.

did I tell you that I really love the Globe Thistle?...Echinops come in an aray of different varieties all having spidery leaves and flower heads that bloom in blue before forming globe shaped thistles. They are usually very hardy plants and can often be seen growing along railway embankments, but keen gardeners are happy to have them in their borders.I first became aware of this plant whilst visiting my friends in North Berwick in Scotland...travelling by train from Edinburgh , there are swathes of the thistles along certain areas and depending on the time ( they bloom in mid to late summer)...they appear as a cloud of blue...looking closely the globes look like  blue stars in a green nebula...Below I've posted a few pics which hopefully illustrate what I mean!

You'll probably be surprised to know that despite my enthusiasm for these wonderful plants, I don't actually have any in my garden!...My aim this summer is to rectify that!


Devil Mood said...

They are lovely, really beautiful!
I was here yesterday, in another post, but I don't think blogger let me comment. Still, I don't think it was anything remarkable ;)