Monday, April 16, 2012

Viscount bubbles - 31

Back from my holiday I've returned to work's good to be able to switch back into work mode and find that having been to other places..seen good things..laughed with friends..eaten..drank and lived well has all gone to refreshing my imagination and huger to create. I have begun work on the girl's hair...I had considered and even sketched in some ornate art nouveux style decorations for her hair..but it looked out of place. the bob hair cut is important symbolically to me and for the character , needs to be similar to her appearance in previous pictures.but I would like to create a picture in which decoration, detail and adornment are something special. for's good to be home and hopefully I'll finish this soon and get down to the next project which I'm really looking forward to!


Devil Mood said...

Food, check. Drink, check. Friends, check. Relaxation, check. :)