Friday, April 06, 2012

When Inspiration strikes!'s magic!

I'm sorry I've not posted progress on 'Viscount Bubbles' for a couple of days..I've hit a dark period...feeling low and without a sense of 'joy' in my life. But I've been able to tap into a source of inspiration thanks to an old song sung by Olivia Newton John..remember the summer of 1980? I do!..the movie 'Xanadu' had songs by my favourite group of the time 'ELO'...and to tell you the truth, I was disdainful of the other songs featured on the soundtrack album (including this song by ONJ!)...but out on one of my runs the other night, I recalled this song and the lyrics "Have to believe we are magic, nothing can stand in our way..." Despite the very present feeling of mortality and the constraints of my lumbering physical entity, I clung onto the thought that in fact we should believe in it what what you will....I like the term 'Magic'...and to that end I envisioned a composition...something that I can tell you revolves once again around the theme of bubbles...but I'm captivated and beguiled.

My pencil and sketchbook have been busy....and as always, you'll be first to see what becomes of my 'muse' (those familiar with the plot of Xanadu will understand!)....