Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hit the shops...then hit the on line shops.

I think I might have mentioned yesterday the frustration of finding that I had run out of a certain colour ink, and therefore was unable to proceed with my return to colour work. I therefore planned to make a trip into town today to buy the required ink from an art supply shop...however on reaching the shop, I was disappointed to discover that despite being the biggest stockist of art materials in the city, they did not in fact stock the type of ink i required! No worry, I would go to the next art supplier and try there. however, it was the same result.The third shop had potential but las not open at the weekends! (uh?) a

It's incredible in these very difficult times for high street shops to succeed against the vast offers available on line. It's a real shame, because I still like to visit small shops and find what I need there, but it's becoming increasingly difficult. Once home I hit the Google search and within a few clicks found a web site offering the exact items I wanted at over £1 cheaper than high street prices!...also because I was a new customer to the site, they did not charge me any postage and packing!

The down side of course is that I shall have to await delivery. That should be on Monday!But it's a small price to pay to get the correct items. I could bore you further with my thoughts and choices on the inks I have chosen and my surprise to find shades of blue available that I had not known about before...but I won't...I'll let the results do all the talking. Till then...