Saturday, October 27, 2012

Seasky 2 - Minipix mounted

Here's the second, and the last minipic that I'm going to use my colour pencils on for a while. If I'm to continue with the pencils, I need to scale up a little and add more to the composition.  I also intend to use the new inks I received the other day to complete my selection of pens for use in dotting.
Yesterday I bought one of the Logan Team System Mat (Mount) cutters and some mount boards...this afternoon I set about cutting my first mounts, the results of which you can see below. I mounted the six original colour pencil drawings that I've created this week. the images are also scanned ready to print. I can now mount the prints when a customer orders one.
tomorrow my aim is to set up my Face book Fan Page and begin advertising the work that I have for sale. For readers of this blog who do not use face book, be assured I shall make work available to order here as well!


Devil Mood said...

Oh the mini-pix look much more defined from a little distance. I don't think the pictures you've been posting do them justice, now that I see that 2nd picture. Perhaps it's because they are in colour as opposed to the previous black&white works, which still look defined even when you photograph them up close.