Monday, October 22, 2012

Pencil crayons...thumbnail sketches...plans..

The inks I ordered did not arrive today as I'd hoped. So I've been mooching about...I've scratched a few little sketches you see here using the same colours I use for dotting only in pencil form. detail and neatness are not priorities in this case, just trying out various colours. For my return to colour I'm intending on producing another collection of 'minipix' the main purpose is to create quick, effective pieces whilst honing my skills with colour use. 'minipix' have been popular in the past , I've sold many many prints over the years of my Arboretum 'minipix'..and sold a series of original railway subjects. It seems people are willing to buy them in multiples for framing and hanging together.

The little pencil sketch of a Cello Girl sits rather out of place in the middle...but eventually you'll see me working up to large scale works like my black and white pieces, and before long you'll have full colour Cello Girls all over the place!...


Devil Mood said...

OH the colours are really making themselves hard to get, aren't they? Well, hopefully tomorrow they'll be with you. I like these samplings already :)