Friday, October 19, 2012

Return to colour.

My 'new era'  got off to an unremarkable start today. I set about charging my new pen nibs with ink in anticipation of beginning work on a picture this afternoon..... (eight brand new Isograph nibs sitting in their boxes!) this was frustrating because I have only one pipette which I had to wash out between filling each pen...this took ages, much too'ing and fro'ing to the bathroom sink. Then when it came to filling the blue pen, I discovered that the amount left in the bottle was almost non existent, and what was left was thick and gooey...I can only imagine that over the years I'd used the ink the sediment had been left behind had accumulated only for me to try and load it into one of the pen cartridges. It didn't work. This was not good because it's the most used colour if the palette I my work for the day ground to a halt requiring me to make a trip into town to buy new ink.

Ho hum!

Will try tomorrow!