Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Ball Of Wool - 13 the sheep and the trees.

I'm posting this picture a little earlier than usual because I want you to be able to see the almost completed 'me'..before I move on to work on the background.You can see here the basic pencil sketching of the 'sheep and the trees'..I'm going for some very dramatic lighting and a few other odd little touched which you can't see yet. This is all part of the 'Master plan' which I've had in my mind almost from day it's time to unleash it to the world MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

You'll gather from this that i'm feeling a lot more possitve today!


Bob-kat said...

Glad you are feeling more positive.

I am remined of a certain Monty Python sketch involving Flying Sheep when I look at the sketched area!

Devil Mood said...

Usually a good night sleep does wonders to troubled people.
So this is a picture with special effects, ha?

Prats said...

So , the positivity has set in I see :) And this 'Master plan' surely looks good. I had imagined a plain potrait ...but this is very nice