Thursday, November 01, 2007

Ball Of Wool - 8

Thank you for bearing with my liking for 'Dad Rock' . I tried to get tickets to see Genesis on their reunion tour this year, but all tickets sold in 40 minutes. Sadly most people associate Genesis with MTV type 1980's songs. (I'm not a fan of 'I Can't dance' etc..) They were at their best as a Progressive / Art Rock band in early to mid 1970's. Phil Collins ably filling peter Gabriel's shoes as singer from 1976 onwards....No sleeping there at the back!
Today I've been working on the other hand, the wool and my incredibly manly chest with distinguished grey hairs! I showed the progress to the Year one class girl studies the picture..looked at me and said "you're not wearing a top because your wool is tangled and you can't knit!"..I just sat dumb struck..( she was only 6Years old!) . this is the crux of the pictures meaning..but more will be revealed in time!.


Devil Mood said...

Kids have a special way of putting things very simply. Why do we lose that along the way?
I needed simple in my mind today.

Julie Schuler said...

I think it's incredibly brave to make a self-portrait. Kudos. I haven't done one since the mandatory ones in college. Self-reflection is okay for some people, but it's not for me. Ha ha. The next thing I read below this comment box is "Choose an identity" How droll blogspot is today.

Prats said...

Mmmmm...thats a great way to think of while young and innocent, and it sure puts us older folks, in a perspective.
The colors on your image are turning out to be really vibrant...

Thinking aloud said...

hmmm...its so nice to see the way children think...many a time they see things in its simplest form...why do we as adults complicate everything?

i've been showing my son your work...he refused to believe the nelsons was done by dots...till i showed him the entire process...he loved the pigeons..said they were so real:)

Niall said...

DM..It's funny you should say that..because I've got a simple mind (according to some that know me!)haha!So you can have mine!

Julie...It's not really brave.I'm fascinated by my face in so much as I know whats going on inside, but how does it appear on the outside?

Prats...Yes, sometimes I am amzed at the things the children percieve. 'Out of the mouths....'

thinking can asure your Son that I use only dots to compose these pictures.why not get him to have a go..use fibre tip pens.