Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ball Of Wool - 20

I'm sorry I don't have a lot of progress to share with you today.Problems at home (which I don't need to go into here)'s odd how somethings have you soaring, and others have you well and truly grounded.I seem to flit from each extreme with frustrating regularity. This morning Jan had a friend of hers visit for coffee..Phillipa is a stained glass She produces some lovely work of high quality.(please take a moment to have a look)..we talked about working as an artist..but it's when i talk about the prospects...potential...the dreams and aspirations that i get frustrated. I feel so alone in what i do..if it wasn't for all the wonderful support and encouragement I get from you my dear readers, i would probably have given up long ago.

I've had a need and drive that has meant I have spent ALL my life wanting to have the permission to produce artwork full time, I'm not about to give it up just fact (Sorry Preeti) I think I'm doing my best work right now. i have so much more I want to create, so many directions I want to move is very true to say that I am becoming a new person ..things are changing radically in my mind and desires, I feel alive and yet caged. I seek a key...or rather someone with a key!

End of Medium intensity grumble.


Devil Mood said...

Rant? I don't see any rant!
I understand how lonely it must be. When I writing something and I get stuck, I'm on my own too.
And it makes people very moooooody!

Niall said...

DM..I'm sorry..your's not a rant but I suppose more like a medium grumble..I shall change it...for those of you reading after this..please adjust your logic where necessary!

Tim Young said...

Dont be to frustrated you are not alone, many are in the same boat as you. though may be not in the Art boat, others have no opertunity to follow their dreams, to eat propery to have jobs to have some one love them. a roof over their head,, you are trully blessed to have supprt and love. And rememer with out God we all struggle, gibe him a little glory for your tallent he is worth it..

Thinking aloud said... get all this support and love from your readers because we happen to think you deserve it...I wish with all my heart you achieve your dream and you get that someone with the magical key soon...:)
and nice to see those twinkiling eyes back(the pic)...
take care - s

Prats said...

**it's odd how somethings have you soaring, and others have you well and truly grounded**
Thats the way of life, and I pray that all the positivity that we send across reaches you and provides the magical key...
And this is coming out far better than I had anticipated...way to go

Niall said...

Tim..where've you been all this time?

Thinking aloud...there is someone with a magical key..but what will it unlock?

Prats...I'm rememebring Stevie Wonders 'Songs In The Key Of Life'life is an opera..sometimes it's in a language we don't understand..but it's always in your face!..the trick is to deal with it.

Anonymom (Tara) said...

Niall, I wanted to comment a few days ago but was called away by duty (the kids)! Besides your incredible artwork, one of the things that endears me to your blog is the fact that we are in similar stages of life. I, too, have wanted to be a writer my entire life but I'm just now getting around to it. I'm having a series of small successes, but at the same time, I constantly doubt myself. So your medium intensity grumble sounds very familiar to me!