Monday, November 26, 2007

Ball Of Wool - 27

Terrible photo i know, but I've brought the sky down to the horizon today..lots of work to do strengthening the saturation of the colours and create a bit more of a contrast around the lit side of my face. Then it'll be on to the foreground work which will be nearing the end!

I slept so badly last mood is poor today grumbling and moaning. My mind is away on other things most of the time, but one of the beauties of this work is that you can just let the other thoughts run separately to the drawing .

Saw a poignant picture of a wounded British soldier ..his T Shirt said.."I've been to Afghanistan and all I brought back was this lousy plastic leg"


Devil Mood said...

Ouch, that's a very dark sense of humour...:(

This picture will have more hours than usual, no?

Niall said...

DM..Yes..The T-shirt said it all really!A brave man to wear it too.

the picture has not taken as long as you'd think..only 85 hours so far.

Shruti said...

Oh.. it was ur b'day on 21st? Belated wishes to u :)
Wish I knew earlier.. great to know u r a scorpion too :)

Niall said...

Shruti..thank you for the wishes. lovely to have you drop by here..the Scorpion does have a it the ones with big claws and little tails..or small claws and big tails that you should look out for?...strike that...just be carefull of Scorpions full stop!

Shruti said...

But should one scorpion be scared of another? :) I'm a scorpion too!