Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ball Of Wool - 18

An early posting today..I'm off to school to do my After School Art club in a short while, and I wanted to photograph this in daylight conditions since it'll be dark when i get home.

I've yet to refine the lights in the trees, but I'm a lot happier now I've got the sheep looking fairly OK.I wanted to show you how the overall colour scheme works. despite the time involved , i am currently thinking the ground should be very dark as opposed to the snow that it could be (that would be the easy way out!)

Producing a piece like this is a bit like working as a 'Brickie' building a library who has no thought to the literate and learning that will take place in the building. All thought of symbolism is forgotten when trying to render the sky,sheep, trees..etc...As I've said before..now is a time for constant flapping.( Mind you..the sheep seem to be managing flying without wings)...I shall resist bursting into song now and buzz off!


Julie Schuler said...

I think you would be right to make the ground dark. The tiny lights, party lights, strung through the trees are exhilirating but will illuminate little on the ground. Faint shimmers, unsure footsteps, the way is umarked. But by what great light are you illuminated?

Devil Mood said...

This is so crazy and surreal!

Ps said...

The picture is brilliant--no doubt--the way you have done it is amazing--no doubt.
I still hate it though.

Niall said...

Julie...I have decided..the ground will be dark,thank you for confirming that.As for my illumination....I shall explain another time.

DM..."Crazy and surreal"...you sound surprised!

PS...It's a good job i don't hate you! :-)

Ps said...

:-)*shrug*Ah well--what can I say?!!