Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Cello - 34

A shaky start to the bridge here...I'll tidy it up tomorrow..I'm really looking forward to depicting the skeleton's legs trailing in the grass and dandelions. I'm currently moving in the direction of advertising my services as a bespoke portrait artist...I'm going to initially advertise myself in the 'Ministry of burlesque'. I love this surreal fetishistic dark imagery....and would be interested working on commissions of a similar theme...How would you like to see yourself in an exotic or surreal setting?..... hold that thought until you've seen the present commission I've been working on...it will be finished tomorrow and should be here for your viewing in the next two weeks or so depending on the commissioner!

Yesterday i told you that I'd be off on another role playing day. Well, without going into too much detail, it was a day fraught with tension and stress. This morning after walking Annie to school , I had to change the punctured wheel on our car...(no mean feat you may say..but I always hate these jobs because i always end up straining my hands which often means a couple of days before I am able to work competently again....also the grease and dirt become embedded and is difficult to remove...so work again is compromised!)..I then took the car to the garage to have the puncture mended and the wheel replaced...this took one and a half hours leaving me a short time to return home...shower and dress ready to drive my self and my neighbour Jane to a nearby town to role play as patients claiming incapacity benefit. We were both examined by nurses who were being observed by CCTV cameras.It was a actually a fun time and a good way to earn some money. ..the only sad thing was, that the cost of the repair bill for my car was £ 75....my earnings?...£75 !


Devil Mood said...

That's an interesting idea. I can see people that would visit the burlesque shows and then be interested in that imaginary.