Saturday, March 07, 2009

Cello - 38

Having decided on the figures, I now need to decide in what way to embed them into their surrounding environment. I want the Father figure to be reaching up towards the sky as if calling lightning down to his hand...I'm not sure if subconsciously I've depicted something from my own childhood, but I remember my Father taking me around the locomotive works and Round House at Derby railway depot in the middle of 1967...Britain's railways were in their final year of steam hauled services and the smell, sound and taste of the steam and coal fired locos struck me and remain with me. the loco seen here is a diesel powered Inter City 125 High Speed Train..designs for which were beginning to take shape even in the 1960's....but my love of railways can be attributed to my Father's influence.
Having established the path of the lightning, I need to work out how I'm going to 'light ' it...when viewed photographically, lightning has an almost perceptible contrast line around it's strands which is more better described as an outline.This looks odd when placed into a drawing like this...but will make sense once the sky continues up past the viaduct and train.

By varying the density of tone from the ground up and towards the lightning, a sense of mist and glowing can be achieved.This will also make more sense when the sky over the train is darkened and the contrast in the dandelions is increased. It's a continual matter of going back to areas already covered to deepen the contrast and detail.


Tys on Ice said...

just that silhouette of the father and child wud make a great painting...