Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cello - 49

Sorry (once again..I'm going to buy a camera soon!) for the poor lighting.I've spent the afternoon doing role play at Nottingham University...was good fun (Thank you Tina! ). but this as usual means reduced time working. I should be OK now for the rest of the week to try and bring this piece into it's final stages.
Here you see that I've filled in the arch under the bridge and added more of the Dandelions. you might be interested to see that I've added a Bumble Bee in the lower right hand corner. I had written to a friend on facebook who had been displaying her wonderful of which was a Bumble Bee..those of you who were with me here last year will remember 'Absurdities' which featured Bumbles, wasps, honey bees and hover flies. I incorporate a Bumble Bee because it symbolises to me that even when someone tells you that you are aerodynamically not supposed to don't listen to just fly. We are often frustrated in our lives by people or even ourselves convincing us that we will not succeed..that happiness is not to be had. Don't listen..just fly!


nollyposh said...

Great post! X:-)

M.B. Sampson said...

I really enjoy your blog! it's refreshing, with all the "art clutter" out there. Well cheers and keep up the good work!

Shachi said...

Well said :) And so very true :)