Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cello - 42

Todays work consisted of doing the one thing I try not to have to do..plane areas of the same shade.I have to do this so that there is a basis for the clouds to be added.That will be tomorrow!! You will see the exhaust from the probably won't reach all the way to the girl but will fade out nicely...generally (or at least from my own observations) the greatest amount of smoke seen in a situation like this is where the engine has suddenly been rev 'd to accelerate the train up to speed...and usually it's a small contained 'puff' of exhaust.This would be so if (as my picture depicts) the locomotive was newly built.

Below is a small selection of work bu illustrator Simon Williams..shown here are album cover artwork for a favourite band of mine called 'Pendragon' The pictures contain scenes from the albums song lyrics and form a complicated group of interconnected images based within a larger landscape.


Devil Mood said...

Very colourful to contrast with your picture. They make me wish I knew how to draw.

Julie Schuler said...

I've been spending a lot of time watching "choo choo trains" on YouTube with Justin. Today we saw "The Duchess" and the comments indicated it frequented your neck of the woods :)

Niall said... can just don't know it yet!

Julie..that would be the Duchess Of Sutherland I guess? It lives not far away from me at 'The Midland Railway Centre'

Bob-kat said...

Ah..the days when album cover work was a work of art in itself! I used to love Roger Deans work as well. Your work seems to be influenced by artists such as these :)

Niall said...

BK...I loved the Roger Dean stuff too...I especially liked the way he floated paint on water then dropped the page onto it..he then used the shapes it made on the paper to create many of his wierd and fantastic landscapes.