Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cello - 47's a different view.I'm showing here the remainder of the picture minus one critical element of the composition which I'll reveal soon. sadly the photo is a little blurred and tilted..apart from that, it shows two potential endings.The line you can just see standing vertically towards the right of the picture was to have been the border , but I've decided to extend the picture to accommodate something else.

Tomorrow I have to work on another small commission for a Theatre Company. This should take up most of the day's work, so there might not be any progress on this piece. One other thing...I find that I am now after a few years of saving, in the market for a new camera...I'm opting for a compact digital simply because it's less conspicuous when out and about...and what you loose in aperture and focal length, you gain in stealth! any recommendations?


Shachi said...

This "Cello" piece is so fascinating - I have never followed anyone's art like I am doing with yours, so I'm very excited and curious to see the final result :)

Regarding cameras, I always go to:

You can also checkout reviews at:

Hope this helps!

Jonice said...

I wonder what the revelation will be.
Beautiful sunflowers below, Niall!

Sue said...

We use a Lumix camera and I love it.

I'm really interested in the progress on this picture as well...