Sunday, March 15, 2009

Commission - 3

Not had very much time to work on Cello today...have had to look after my daughter Annie all day. She's a beauty, but demanding..watched 'Cinderella Story' with Hillary Duff.

Here's the central theme of the commission piece...Kay wanted me to base the portrait on a photograph taken of her at the 25th wedding anniversary of Allan and Sheridan' was a very special event and one at which Kay felt relaxed and herself. For this portrait, I decided to put her on a cloud of worship over the sea.


Julie Schuler said...

Interesting commission. Sometimes it's a fun sort of puzzle to work in all the requested details. Sorry I missed your joke drive, I don't know any jokes, though.

I think you are violating the Facebook TOS with your popo.

Niall said...

Julie...I've not had any complaints so far!