Sunday, October 18, 2009

Feeling down?...high kick yourself happy!


I've had a difficult day..being the single parent again this weekend.Unresponsive teenage sons,massive piles of wet washing, washing up..meals to cook..(which no one will eat because they're not actually in or they don't like what I cook)..(roast vegetables!).! Looking forward to one perfect point of the day where I'd settle at my drawing desk to work for a short period and watch the start of the Brazilian Formula One Grand Prix. It turned out the I spent a while working and nearly ruined my picture...Cello Girl's face was just too masculine and had none of the magic I was looking for...I toiled and brought it to a stage where I could live with it, then ruined the mouth..many times...tried to erase it...smudged the ink...ended up nearly creating a hole in the paper...was very frustrated...then just as the race was about to start, someone telephoned...I was not in a very very communicative state as cars started crashing and Jenson Button ( The British driver) needed a top 6 placing to ensure he won the world title. Picture dying...race crashing..annoyed person on end of line...aarrgghhhh!

OK..before you come to the conclusion that I've well and truly lost, I can confirm I never actually 'had it'! Now at the end of the day, I've wrestled Cello Girl into submission and satisfactory mouth situation and Jenson button won the F1 world Championship title. I have a glass of rum by my side...I'm not a single parent again until tomorrow and I thought that at least I'd have these lovely Can Can dancers to cheer me up...hope you had a better day than me?...see you tomorrow!


Preeti Shenoy said...

Why didn't you call me?!
I might not have made the cello girl look better but I guarantee you'd have felt better.
I always do after talking to you :-)
So presuming it works reciprocally :P

Tomorrow is a brand new day..and bright side of today--you won the lexulous by 4 points! :)

Julie Schuler said...

oh dear! Some days are like that. I think you should make your boys cook YOU dinner.