Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Quintadagio - 2

And so it begins. He's a miserable looking blighter isn't he? you know I never really know how my characters faces are going to turn out, no matter how I plan them, it only takes a few dots to change the emphasis on the expression...and that's something I like...I like the spontaneity of it, goodness knows, there's little room for spontaneity in this type of work where planning is everything.

So I have begun slowly as always, making sure that I am happy with what I'm producing. sometimes I can feel so elated by the start of a new piece only to find that within a few hours, I hate it.Usually though it's only a matter of taking some time away, or even putting it away until the next day. When I start a new picture, I'm committing myself to what could be months of work on the same piece. every day I will stare and concentrate on it.So I have to be happy with it.

Top of the page shows a good closeup of my first few dots lining the eyes. The eyes are all important and draw the observer in , so they have to be right...!Below is the result of todays work so far.