Friday, October 02, 2009

Back on track.....

OK...before anybody says anything, I can assure you these are NOT my latest passport photographs!
I apologise for not posting yesterday. I had a family crisis which needed my whole attention...the result was that I could not work no matter how long I sat and looked at my sketches. anyway, back on track again today. I thought I'd show you (in reverse order) this interesting face I've sketched. Yes, he is the Starman. I started with a basic sketch and reworked it rather than producing individual sketches. I quite like him so I shall give him a body and see what he looks like....I might post the results later if they're ok.


Maria L. Pomponio said...

Hey Niall! Thanks for stopping by recently..seems I'm always recoving from something huh? Thank God I'm recovering and able to type and take care of myself. I'm hoping to resume my Reiki practice asap. That would be nice. In the meantime, the Starman! Love him. Such expression in his face! You've only just begun Niall. The best is yet to come. Oh, and on a separate note, Kylie Mignon is scheduled to perform here in NY. Could'nt help but remember that you have a mad crush on her hehe. Be well. Love and light, Maria