Friday, October 16, 2009

Quintadagio - 8

Here's a nice little selection of photos showing in reverse order the work on 'Cello Girl's' face. ( I don't have a name for her other then that.) A lot of people at exhibitions ask me who she is and if I use a model. Well, I don't use a model, I make the faces up ...this face has appeared in my work for many years now.....and I dare say for many years to come! I've always loved the Bob hair cut ever since I saw Wendy Padbury wearing one in 1967's Doctor Who...they were everywhere in the 60's and for me the style (amongst others) represents something that to me never fails to turn my head and gain my attention.
Here you might be able to see the surface of the paper scuffed just above her top lip...this is due to successive reworkings of the shape of the lips.

One the eyes are right, everything else should least that's the theory!

A close up of the pencil work on the page before dotting. I never really know what the final expression will's almost as if I apply the ink and she appears..I look down and see someone from my dreams materialise before me...( any one remember the movie 'weird Science'?)...all done without me wearing a bra on my head!


Devil Mood said...

It's fantastic to see the eyes in such detail. I could copy them myself and make my own doll :)

Niall young said... could make a Starman doll too...I'll be your first customer!...seriously!