Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Quintadagio - 1

Here begins the next journey. I have no idea how long this one will take...it's not a consideration to be honest. Here I've transferred the tracing of my original drawing onto my drawing paper which as always is the reversed side of Windsor and Newton's 300lbs watercolour paper. I've worked on the image to define the details prior to begin inking. Here's a bit of a strange thing dear reader...so far I've been so concerned with the subject matter and composition that I've not really decided weather to render this work in black and white or colour....can you believe that I've left it to this stage to decide?...no, neither can I ! If I'm going with my gut instinct, it will be black and white as it will sit nicely with the others in my 'Darkside' series.

Below is a familiar view of my work place...here you can see the blank page before any work has begun upon it....and the tools of my trade.A Rotring 0.25 Isograph, A Rotring 0-5 Fine propelling pencil and a handy pen shaped pencil rubber.

Join me tomorrow to see the first dots applied and remember...you were there for the beginning!


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Devil Mood said...

haha You are funny.

Christine said...

Another intriguing journey begins! Good luck, Niall, and thank you for sharing all this with us.