Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Quintadagio - 11

I'm finding that every little aspect of this picture needs pre planning...in 'jigsaw' there were areas such ass the sky and trees where I could almost switch to autopilot, but here it's an effort. do you remember the agonies I went through earlier in the year when I first created a Cello Girl ?


Gemma Parker said...

It's looking fab to me! I understand your frustration though. I sometimes find taking a break from the problem area helps to clear your mind. Thanks for the can can girls too! Love them, the guy with the hat made me laugh, while all the girls did the kicking.

Jeanette said...

I'm just sitting here loving how its emerging.

A little pain is always present to create greatness. She looks good to me. I love the expression.

Niall young said...

Gemma...In this case, a natural break curtesy of a viral infection has helped matters. I also thought the man was funny I also thought that's a job I could do!

Jeanette...Thank you. In some respects I too watch it emerging because things change so often that what I envisaged when I started is often very different to the finished piece.