Thursday, October 22, 2009

Quintadagio - 12

Apologies for no post yesterday....I've been laid low by the same virus my daughter has had...I'm just about better now, so I've only just felt like working again.

I've been wondering how to dress my Cello girl...lots of googling for Corsets, Waspies, Bustiers etc...I remember when I was at art school I was designing a dress for a character in a story I'd written. A visiting costume designer told me that when ever you design clothing for an illustration or artwork, you should aim to come up with something no one can go and buy 'off the peg'..I have ideas for the material and designs of the corsetry I'd like to depict, but I'm wary after the stocking episode in 'Cello' where I spent ages designing the flowery pattern I wanted only to find out that such designs are plentiful if you look for them commercially!...whilst I enjoy the searches (!) I have decided with the present picture to take the path of least no clothes. I still have a desire to depict ever more complex costumes and more of Cello Girl in the future, but for now, my corsetry designs will have to take a back seat!