Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Closed curtains.

Well...if yesterday saw me feeling positive and See's a complete contrast.Every idea I have is like pulling an elephant out of a ship's porthole without the Vaseline (I'm sure you can all relate to that !) ...and even when I do get something down on the page I'm accusing myself of just repeating something I've done before...all the ideas are unoriginal... then I got around to thinking; what if 'Jigsaw' was THE LAST piece I ever create?...what if I've peaked?...What if this time next year I'm destined to be working in a fish and chip shop ?What if it was all leading up to this...the point where the work dried up forever?....I think you can understand why there's not a lot to show for my day.

Yes, yes I can hear you telling me to go back and read my previous posts about not forcing the 'muse' etc....but looking at a beautiful view with the curtains shut doesn't work.....I need to open some curtains I think....

Chips anyone?


Preeti Shenoy said...

Oh no Niall--you haven't peaked at all!!

Wait --it will come! Just take a break--you know where to head!!



Vinoo John said...

and sure original windows will open!

Niall young said...

Preeti/ are both right.The funny thing is that I have patience to create a work over a number of months, but I'm impatient with the starting of something new...and the only way is to not force things but let them come in their own time.