Saturday, September 19, 2009

Jigsaw - 88

Today I spent time adding in more darker areas around the nebula...I've also paid some attention to the tree on the left which involved adding yellow ochre and red to the branches...lots more to do there.

Below I've put this close up in to give you an idea of the density of dots needed depict the nebula..I tried to alter the colour balance to give a more vibrant photo, but it's still too red, but you get the idea!


Gemma Parker said...

This is such an intense way of painting! Much kudos to you!

Niall young said...

Thanks Gemma...I don't think of ot as intense. In actual fact it's a very relaxing and somewhat therapeutic way of working. I can 'get into the zone' as it were and develop a sort of rhythm...I listen to music or Radio 4 and that's me set up...the real challenge is to avoid all the distractions that mean I have to break off...I work better if I get long stretches of time to work..