Monday, September 28, 2009

The plot deepens... more from my sketchbook.

I like the way characters insinuate themselves on each other. On his own, the bushy haired man (see below) is ineffective, but with the sly looking man behind, he somehow communicates with us. I'm not sure they have the legs to make it into my picture, but they are certainly going to turn up one day. (above) is a little insight as to how I develop my characters from the original sketches. I used some tracing paper to enlarge from the face to incorporate a body..I had a little sketch which I drew a few years ago which had a Priest holding a scale model of the Space Shuttle. I've returned to the idea today...It wouldn't be right to have you believe that I have any great message building this stage I'm concentrating solely on aesthetics and the general compositional elements.


Devil Mood said...

Oh I like the bushy haired man, he looks sweet and innocent. Not sure that would make an appearance on your compositions though...;)

Niall young said... never know!Some people have likened me to being 'Sweet and innocent' ahahahahaha!