Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Muse problems..........

Where is the muse when you really want her?..She is sometimes like a bird sitting up in some tree in another neighbours garden..OK, so I'll scatter a few crumbs of bread out on the bird table (play some nice music, sit in a comfortable place and make sure I'm not hungry or thirsty!)..in the hope she might focus her attention on me for a change. Sadly ...no chance.(maybe the muse is a feminist who disapproves of women playing cellos in their knickers?) ...thankfully ...no! In my sketchbook today I return to my 'Cello' girl...this time I'm toying with the idea of two cello girls and a third which could arguable be a violinist or perhaps my 'Starman' ...in fact he is more likely to complete the trio. There's also a shadowy presence in the behind them all and seems to be reaching out for the Raven. I know I used this theme in 'Orbits'..but perhaps it'll be the Maid this time reaching out?...who knows.....wait!...there's another idea !....catch you later!