Wednesday, September 09, 2009

09 - 09 - 09 The Sorcerer.

Today was busy with non - Jigsaw work. the main task was to create the artwork for The Rosehill Musical society's production of The Sorcerer by Gilbert and Sullivan..The main character brews up a love potion which he serves from a having originally provided a choice of three designs, Peter Featherstone who is responsible for Publicity and Marketing chose the above design. This is a version including the title...eventually all text concerning the show will be added. Below is a version with out text, and below that are the development sketches showing the work from pencil sketch to finished piece.

Here I've begun inking in the image..I will create texture and depth by adding dots later.

This is the penciled arrangement of the Sorcerer and his teapot..the steam from the teapot will swirl upwards to incorporate the title.

Here on the right is the original concept chosen to become the design for the publicity material. The face I've drawn on the left is to become the final artwork...but still needs some tweaking!


Preeti Shenoy said...

I love it!
You should have done my book cover :)I wanted to ask but I felt it was asking for too much :)