Saturday, September 26, 2009


There are no pictures tonight...there are no tales of wonderment or deeply involved concepts.I'm currently sitting at the table where I work in my bedroom...looking out at the final glimmer of the dusk..distant street lamps wink into light. My desk is clear, my table lamp glows lighting up the keypad...I can type...I wish I was drawing. I've carried the sketchbook around with me all day on and off. I sat in the dance centre cafe this morning whilst Annie was in her cappuchino froth gradually decreasing as I sip carefully so as not to sit with a milk mustache ..I sketched a few faces...I gazed out of the window.But nothing immediate inspiration.

It's a kind of withdrawal I think. But like an athlete, an artist cannot just sit and do nothing..the creative muscles sieze to sketch is to excersise....and I shall. the house empty...Jan and Annie have gone to see a performance of Richard The Third which is being filmed for TV..(I don't like Shakespear!)...the boys have headed off into town to meet their mates.

I have Strictly Come Dancing to watch... if you're not familiar with it, it's a dance competition held over a few months featuring professional dancers teamed with celebrities (it's called 'Dancing with The Stars in the U.S)...each week a couple are voted off the show.....I love dance as you boys think I'm "Sad"....I just wish it were me dancing up there! (I'm supporting Phil Tufnell and Jo Wood!)..

I have a few emails to write...I have a DVD to watch later ('Priceless'. starring Audrey Tautou!)...(Did I mention I love French Cinema ?)....I have my sketch book open and awaiting...and I have a bottle of Rum. Most of the rest of my life makes no sense...and I seem to spend a lot of my time being frustrated ...but when I'm drawing..when I'm creating, it all makes sense...the jigsaw pieces fit.

If I'm feeling generous, I'll post some of my sketch work tomorrow....but for now......take care of yourselves.


Devil Mood said...

These are the moments when all the magic happens - from out of nowhere comes an idea and then a rollercoaster of work. This is the crucial time.

I've seen a few lovely French films lately: one was a musical called Les Chansons de Amour (I keep listening to the soundtrack these days), then Entre Les Murs - that film that seems like a documentary about a class in Paris. And there's another really interesting one called 2 Days in Paris, which Julie Delphy created. Hope these recommendations are useful :)

Niall young said...

DM...your recommendations are ALWAYS helpful!I love Julie Delpy, it was you who originally suggested Before Sunrise etc which have become two of my favourite films!

Jonice said...

Sounds like while you go image blanked you also go feeling filled. I think think this is so human. I think we are all patchworks made of all these bits of moments.
I love French Cinema as well!
You too take care, Niall.

Preeti Shenoy said...

Love the way you say it.
So simply.