Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mini sketches.

I thought I might include here a few minisketches...a lot of people are quite surprised when I reveal the Rather austere nature of my sketches. I like to think in small panels...the blocks which make up the various components of the composition are weighed in balance like lumps of cheese on a set of scales..This strange fiddler above has remained in my thoughts for some time..I wrote to one of my friends that I had in mind a cross between The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Fiddler On The Roof.....I think before I use this idea, i Will need to refine and alter the overall appearance of the character, but you might get the idea of where my thoughts are heading on this one....
Here are a queue of 'starman' type my mind they originally were all in black and were standing in a line behind a young lady who it appears is unaware they are there...I then thought that it would look more dynamic if their robes were all in different colours....then I thought it would be good of the young lady were not passive in the scene, but rather facing the men and challenging them....I also like the idea that the viewer would be separated from this host by a series of white rose bushes.

I used a version of this idea on my picture 'Orbits'....I was unable to replicate his studious gaze in the finished work, so might return to him again..i like the fact that he is reaching out to catch something...maybe a spider on the end of a web?
So there you have three little sketches which tome give rise to countless ideas and to be honest, a number of full pictures could easily arise from these very sketches.The reality is that I will commit to one idea and put the others into cold storage...they are like seeds which sit in my imagination and never really go away...occasionally the drops of inspiration cause them to germinate and bear fruit...that's when YOU see them!