Sunday, September 20, 2009

Jigsaw - 89

Not much more to do now..a good few full days work should wrap this up. I am now applying my thoughts to the next project...I think I mentioned doing some small pics...this may very well happen, but I still keep returning to the image of the cello girl in the last piece (Cello)...I think the cello is a wonderfully sensual instrument, I intend one day to learn how to play one.

I've recently been reading a book by Vikram Seth called 'An equal Music''s about a man who plays as part of a string quartet who by chance meets an old flame...they meet and begin a passionate affair....then begins the problems of their prospective partners, in the case of the woman, her husband and child. It's a very well written love story, but especially notable for the way it incorporates the joy of making music, playing as part of an internationally respected group. The feelings and images of the book have remained with me, and so I'm wondering about adding my own particular treatment to the string quartet. you might remember some time ago I wrote about a violinist I kept seeing in my home town...I used to imagine that he was a time traveller and arrived at opportune times to play music to perform a destined role to bring lovers together...I would like to explore that idea a little more this space!


Tys on Ice said...

it seems over. Wow!

The book sounds interesting.