Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Quintadagio - 61

To add a little entertainment to my working day, I've been changing my profile picture and status updates on Facebook initially to match my mood, but as with many things, I seem to have taken a bit of a sideways journey which has now become an adventure. I originally assumed the guise of various comedians and added my status updates in the style of their act.However now, I am pretending that I have come into possession of a machine with which I hope to be able to transform myself back into 'me'...on the way I've been characters from British soap 'Eastenders'..film stars including Christopher Lee, Lon Chaney and currently Corporal Klinger from TV series MASH.

(Here's an interesting and honest bit!) I don't know about you, but I'm pretty fed up with myself ( don't tell me, you're pretty fed up with me too!)...I'm dissatisfied with who I am...or perhaps more exactly, what I look like. The ravages of time have exacted cruel battle upon me I think....I cringe when I look back at the fresh faced youngster I used to be. Now I don't want to return to who I was then, but hey!..don't we all want to lose a little weight ( I've lost 7lbs since New Year so far!!)..I used to have shoulder length curly Brown hair...three kids and a few bereavements later I've got very little hair, and what's left is well and truly grey.
But I am stuck with who I am...perhaps that's why as artists and authors, we seek to vicariously live out our dreams by way of our characters and stories, plotlines and compositions?What do you think?


Devil Mood said...

Oh aren't we all a bit tired of getting the same reflection in the mirror? My house has too many mirrors...

At least we can rest assured that in our dreams we will always be as beautiful and carefree as we wish.

Preeti Shenoy said...

I guess we're all vain creatures wanting to look macho, feel great, be eternally young all the time.
That is something that can happen only if you're Archie Andrews or a character in a comic strip :)

I think one should wear the ravages of time (as you call them) proudly.You are you because nobody else can live the life you have lived. You have gone through so much and you have come out stronger for it. You have survived. That is what counts.

As long as one is healthy one should be grateful for the gift of LIFE.

I think the World (and esp Media) places a lot of emphasis on looks and image.

Everybody grows old.

What truly counts is if one is strong and beautiful from the inside. That is really what matters in the end.

Apologies if this comment is too long.
This post of yours touched a chord.


Julie Schuler said...

ditto what Preeti said :)