Friday, February 12, 2010

Quintadagio - 64

How ironic that since I spoke about the increased work time I've had this week, today saw me out and about being busy.Firstly I had to take my daughter to school, then take my eldest son to the dentists...which is 20 miles away..then I had to be back home to receive a hire car organised by the insurers of the car that crashed into ours earlier in the year.Then I had to be ready for the garage to pick up our stricken car for repairs...then I had to pick Annie up..etc. so I actually only spent around an hour working.
I've just worked on the grassy area beneath the fox. See you tomorrow!


Julie Schuler said...

oh, excuses, excuses! We are anxious to see it all finished!

Devil Mood said...

Isn't it incredible that with 24 hours in each day sometimes we can't get one hour of quiet time? :)