Thursday, February 25, 2010

Quintadagio - 75

I've not finished.In fact the reaction from me today is to turn my back on my work and go get a proper job.Underneath this 'Vulcanesque' exterior I'm a seething mass of anger. To spare you the details, I received an email that informed me that the Artists Residency I'd been offered for a few months this year have been dropped. I've not yet been given a reason, but I'm bitterly disappointed as it was the biggest break I've had so far...I guess the break will have to wait.

Above is the Starman...he now has completed buttons...I use the astrological symbol for 'Earth'...a cross within a circle. He is the earthbound selfish man who believes the universe centres around himself.
Here is the completed fox signature remains with pencil outline still in place...after all, this is still unfinished.You're going to have to wait till tomorrow for that.
PS..You know I won't turn my back on my work really. but there is a chance a large amount of alcohol may be drunk in the near future!


Julie Schuler said...

I'm so sorry.
If I may commiserate, I got a rejection letter yesterday from a gallery I applied to exactly a year ago. I had completely forgotten it. Nothing like a year old smack in the mouth for your efforts to spoil your day.

Jeanette said...

Oh Niall, how frustrating for you.

I hate the highs and lows that all artists must go through.

I'll have a drink for you.

Sue said...

Don't decide anything while you are angry! This piece is pretty amazing. You are doing really great work. Those kinds of decisions are often political, not artistic!

Tys on Ice said...

dont give up... their loss, as far as Iam concerned.

in the meantime, cheers.