Monday, February 22, 2010

Quintadagio - 72's your self hating artist friend here. You might remember I wrote a couple of days ago about an incident at my Junior know, the one where I stood on a chair and did my gorilla impersonation to the whole class....and you might also recall that I wrote about being in touch with with four people whom I shared my first day at school with back in 1967?....well one of those lovely people Denise, actually wrote to me telling me she remembered me doing my gorilla impersonation!!!!!!I had over estimated my age as it was our first year in Junior education, that would make me around 7 years old!
That incident had been one of THE influential events and memories of my school days and because it was so long ago, I had begun to wonder if perhaps I'd imagined wonderful to have a witness!?
Today I pressed on with the grass ...progress is good and despite my original claim that I'd finish last week (school holidays put paid to that idea!), I still think I'm very close to the end this week.


Devil Mood said...

That is amazing! You never really know what was memorable for people, some things you want them to remember, some you hope they forgot. ;)