Friday, February 19, 2010

Quintadagio - 70

I thought I might show you as has become tradition towards the end of a project a few close ups which give you some idea of the scale I'm working to. This is a large picture compared to previous fact it's a big as 'Jigsaw'.I've currently notched up around 220 hours with probably around 20 more to go..
I'm enjoying the coming together of the various areas of the's great seeing what I envisaged all those weeks ago come into being.It was back on 6Th October that I began this, and it's been a very prominent part of my day to day ever since.As readers of this blog will know, I'm always full of ideas and there are always one or two rough sketches for possible new pieces on the go. The is no exception now...I've had some recurring ideas for a few days now for two projects...of course if I'm to follow the current trend for lengthy complicated works, I have to think carefully before I commit to three of four months on one piece!

Of course at this stage my mind is concentrating on finishing this picture...I have no idea weather colour of black and white will work for my new ideas....all I know is that I have enough 'pretty tree ' pictures under my belt so I shall very likely be returning to my cast of characters for inspiration. That is unless one of my helpful muses steps out of the shadow and hits me with her hand bag of inspiration once again! and sends me off on something unthought of.