Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Three Graces - 66

Kids back at school today! Except for eldest son who's off to Uuniversity in a couple of weeks.I had the time to work and concentrate. I've hardly worked at all during the last six weeks, so it was good to spend around six hours dotting. I've concentrated on Tennis Girl's legs and feet...the grasses around them too.The photo below shows the work from further away..there is yet more to do on Starman,Tennis Girl's hair and hairband, the base of the tree and eventually a whole spread of gravestones in the background.

At the weekend I'm exhibiting at the Wirksworth Arts Festival and have to visit my venue tomorrow to gauge what and how many pictures I'm going to show. I should find time to work later in the afternoon...but now I'm back, you'll see me pushing on to the end of this piece with a renewed energy!


Joe's blog said...

Nice to see you back.
And see my icon back on your blog too.

Vinoo John said...

Arent you glad life is limping back to normal..Its same here glad so normalcy is back to my life....
Hope your exhibition goes well!

Devil Mood said...

Niall, great to see you back!
Those look like my old Reebok trainers :)

Julie Schuler said...

Very good! Back to work! I am jealous that all of your kids are in school, that won't happen here until next year, and only if they don't cut our preschool program.

Niall young said...

I'm so grateful you've all stuck with me during my off period...I reached a point where I never thought I'd continue and was actually looking at the jobs vacancies...luckily thanks to the recesion there aren't any!!

Joe...I had nothing to do with the dissapearance /appearance of your icon..but I'm glad it's there now!

DM...They aren't intentionally that make off trainer..I just made them up. I however also had Reeboks in the 90's...odd I should choose them as the Tennis Girl's outfit is very much 1970's.

Julie...it seems as if the day will never come when all your kids are out of the house.