Monday, September 13, 2010

Three Graces - 72.

Blurred for some reason...I worked for a little while on the Maid's legs today.But I aways go through a 'come down' after an exhibition no matter how short it is. The wonderfully encouraging comments seem a million miles now that the dish washer needs emptying , the garden is massively over grown and there is a hole in the bathroom floor.Feeling very tired and in need of inactivity I did just that..It was also my daughter's 10th birthday. When she got back from school we all went for a celebratory meal.


Devil Mood said...

Oh happy birthday to Annie!
Sometimes one really needs to kick off the shoes and not do a single thing. Seems impossible but it can't be. I'll be away this next week, talk to you soon, Niall.

J. Kwiatkowski said...

uh-oh, double digits! Happy Birthday to the young lady.
Wow, that means I've been stalking you, er, um, friends with you for nearly 3 years!