Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wilba does it again!

 So...I took a break in my work to come downstairs to make a cup of tea...whilst the kettle boiled and I munched on a biscuit, I went into the front room to take a look out onto the street...however, there upon the sofa was Wilba cleaning two new born kittens! I knew she was pregnant, but the sooness surprised me. I then went into the back room to find the phone and let Jan know. but as I entered the room, I became aware of a mewing sound coming from somewhere behind the dining table. I investigated and found another kitten...I picked it up and oticed it had no tail.Wilba is a Manx cat, the most notable feature of it's breed is the oftenn lack of tail.I took the kitten and returned it to it's mum where it began to feed. If I'd not taken a break just then, the kitten would have quickly lost it's heat and died!

Of the other two, I was extremely concerned to see that Wilba had not yet severed the umbilical cord to one of them. however on closer inspection it became apparent that the poor little mite had been born with it's intestines on the outside of it's body.The kitten was not moving and sadly soon died. I felt so helpless.

Wilba is now at home in the box (above) with her two surviving kitties.I'm so ignorant it appears, I should have had Wilba spayed, I intended to but I foolishly didn't learn that a female cat can become pregnant almost within weeks of giving birth to a litter.Now I know, I can get her done soon!

I'll update you on ' 3 Graces' tomorrow!


Devil Mood said...

Oh my!! She had more kittens at the blink of an eye. It's true, there's a stray cat over here that keeps having kittens :(
Sorry about the little one that died, it must feel really sad but we all know it's the law of nature.