Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Three Graces - 67 & preparing for the Wirksworth Festival.

I've extended the grassy area too include the middle grace's feet...incidentally, what am I to call my 'middle grace'?...I'm sure I'll get round to explaining the various concepts and meaning behind the picture eventually...but for the time being, it might help to think of her as 'the link'.

For the last three years, I've been honoured to be accepted as an exhibitor as part of the Wirksworth
Festival. An annual event which attracts artists from all over the place including internationally known artists , sculptors, performers...street drama..and arts based events over the 10th - 26th September. This weekend See's the Arts Trail which See's artists linked up with a wide range of venues across the town. So far I've exhibited in a Railway Locomotive shed, A cow shed, a large Victorian house. This year, my venue is in the centre of the town in the home of Mary Gray. (see below the house with the brown door). I went to visit her today and take a look at where I will hang my work.
As always I feel very apprehensive about baring my soul on walls in front of a discerning public...but if things go as they have done the last three times, I'll have a great time, meet lots of interesting people and hopefully sell prints.