Saturday, September 11, 2010

Three Graces - 70 Wirksworth festival day one.

On the plus side, I enjoyed the presence of 380 visitors to my exhibition today . I met some wonderfully encouraging people and I've learnt such a great deal. I seem to have misread what I'm doing in so many ways it only goes to provide a deep and growing frustration with in me as to the nature of what I do. You see my hear beats quicker when I produce the images that arise in my imagination. I am finding it difficult to express what I'm trying to convey, but I think the essence is that I have spent so much time producing 'nice' pleasing pictures of Derby/parks? trees and countryside in the belief that these are what will earn me an income that will therefore enable me to do my black and white and symbolist pictures. I WAS WRONG! The majority of people who see my work now tell me they can buy Derby pictures and nice landscapes anywhere...but what I produce from my heart are unique..there is nothing quite like them....and that ladies and gentlemen is what people want!Today I witnessed people actually becoming enthusiastic and excited by my pictures!

Today many people asked for prints of 'Cello' 'L'inattendu' 'Quintadagio' and I wasn't able to let them have them...because I have nice pictures as prints. This is something I'm going to have to address in the next few weeks before my exhibition at Cromford in October.