Friday, August 26, 2011

'The Cello girls'

(I recommend forwarding to 2:29 for the appropriate bit!)

I know I've posted this before..but I just wanted to do so again. Over the years, my work has evolved to the extent that I now have quite a cast of characters who pop up in my compositions...a regular feature has been the 'Cello Girl'..characterised by her dark bobbed hair cut and frilly knickers..oh and the cello of course...although not always. So having lived with the image of this gorgeous female which as a creation of my own imagination has haunted and teased me for many years, you'll probably understand my amazement to discover this little clip from 'The Merry widow'...a French TV production by Baile de la Opereta La Viuda Alegre y final by Fran Lehar .which appears to show a secession of my 'Cello Girls' almost exactly as I've imagined them for years. Needless to say I find this clip inspiring and will certainly use it's influence in future work.

Hope you enjoy to the end to see some wonderfully represented french Can can dancing!