Thursday, August 25, 2011

Teatime - 59 - my pool of light.

 Hello and welcome to my pool of light. I thought I'd share this photo (I've shown similar ones before)..firstly just to show you my ideal setting for my pool of light...I like to work with my laptop open and little black and white TV glowing, and a daylight bulb in the lamp. I love the strangely cocooned effect the darkness crates...and as the dusk progresses to darkness, outside I can see the boundaries of three counties...the sulphurous glow of orange streetlights stretch out to the horizon like a sea of stars...I set the self timer on my camera to take this pic...
I continue to work on the sky..but time has been limited today..Jan has gone to work in Hong Kong for a week, so I'm in charge! ( read between the lines there if you will !)...I had to get my son to wake up because he need to get to school for 10am to collect his GCSE exam results..I also need to go for my run (3 miles today)...when I got back Will had returned with his girlfriend. Will has all the results he need to go to the college of his choice ( already accepted ) and set out on the next stage of his plans to become a tatoo artist!

I then had to drive up into the Peak District to pick Annie up who was staying with friends in their caravan. Was beautiful to get into the country for a while. We drove back via a supermarket where I had to pick up a few essentials...(Cheese, eggs, alcohol..). then at home it was time to cook! So I really didn't get down to any serious work until this evening.
So here I sit at the end of yet another day..thankful that I have the opportunity to create my fantasies on paper and bring them to life...I wonder where it will all lead...I wonder if I'm just being self indulgent..but I'm sure of one thing...If I weren't doing this..I think I'd die.