Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Teatime - 63

I've progressed the sky to the far left..I have yet to complete the large planet above the coach, then I shall be free to work on the steam coming from the engine.
As promised yesterday, I can now reveal that the gesture of my left hand is a circle created by touching my thumb to my index finger. Now plenty of people more learned than I will probably correct me, but from what I have studied, the 'Mudras' are hand gestures which convery different meanings and are also an aid in meditation. I specifically chose the Gyan Mudra because it is an aid to mental peace and creativity. One document explained that it's presence symbolically in art is there to promote peaceful and intellectual discussion  .It's use in 'Teatime' is my way of saying that ( as in all my work) objects and thier representation in relation to other objects signify important messages within the meaning of the picture.


Yogic Tranquilizer.
Its practice ensures
Mental Peace,
Concentration of the mind
and Sharp Memory,
Spiritual enhancement
develops creativity


Devil Mood said...

Ah, this is you meditating in the meaningfulness behind your work.

Niall young said...

Dm...Yes, and encouraging the viewer to look behind the obvious.