Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Teatime - 46

You can see I've worked on the engine again today and nearing completion...the white areas at the front are where I have yet to work...then I'll add more shadowing...complete the cab area and then move on. Steam engines always figure in my life as you will be aware...steam, diesel..railways in general have always been apart of my life. They symbolise many things and as an allegorical factor in my work, they fulfill many purposes.I am however rapidly coming to the conclusion that there are no destinies in life...there are no mapped out paths...they are only seen in retrospect and it is for our own need and sense of order and need to feel important in the scheme of things that we attach such meanings,. I however am beginning to think that life is just a random series of decisions, events, and our reactions to these which sometimes happily lead to pleasing sates or more often than not..dissatisfaction. ...just a thought.