Monday, August 08, 2011

Teatime - 50

Just working on the carriage's rather laborious but necessary! I also had to take my car to be serviced and have it's MOT...which it passed . I was also really pleased to see that I've now lost just short of 3 stone!! My power walks continue , but I've begun to concentrate on running as well...this evening I ran 2.8 miles...I usually run in the evenings, the dusk making the streets more ethereal and magical!

I earlier discovered this interesting magazine cover featuring singer Jessie J...nice dress!.In view of my current picture and my often featured 'Starman', I thought I'd include the image here!


Devil Mood said...

What a coincidence! I believe you've mentioned Jessie J here before and she's wearing a dress you could have designed yourself!!

You run now too? Oh now I'm jealous, I wouldn't last a minute ;(

Niall young said...

I'm not too keen on her songs...but Annie loves them..she's a great performer!'ll find loads of her stuff on youtube..look out for 'Price tag' which is to date her biggest hit!

Devil Mood said...

Yes, I know that one. It's quite popular here too.