Friday, August 12, 2011

Teatime - 54

Having completed the carriage I can begin work on the 'everything else'!...Since I took this photo, I've mapped out various background details and have decided on where to end the picture at the top of the page...The border will be lower than you see here making the format more 'letter box' if you know what I mean?

whilst out for my run this evening ( 3.25 miles)..I had a great flash of inspiration for part of my next picture...OK, so I know I often have flashes and they never materialise...but  they do feature in my sketch book and there they often reside until they're needed. So I'm not promising anything, but hopefully when this piece is finished I can show you what I've been inspired with. Incidentally, it was because of something someone said to me..was it you?...stay tuned!


Jeanette said...

This is moving right along, lots of areas of interest to catch my eye. What is the significance of the train? They feature a lot in your pieces. Are you willing to share that secret or will I make up my own story around it? :)

And I really like those rectangular pieces. I seem to have a lot of them in the studio and keep buying those canvas shapes. I also have a round canvas that I have no idea what I'll do with yet.

Running gives lots of time to focus I found. Thoughts, sights, sounds all provide inspiration. And I know I need to capture them in a sketchbook as soon as I can or they go again.

Niall young said...

Jeanette...Railways/trains feature in my work, I think some analysts would give other interpretations, but for me, it's about my upbringing. I come from a railway Dad worked on the railways...he was the traffic manager for Eretrean railways after the war in 1945 and continued to work for British Rail back in England..he used to take me to visit the railway works/sheds at Derby in the sixties when steam wasbeing phased out. Ironically, I opted not to follow my Father and work on the railways...I went to art college.For me, I love the fact that railways cut through our world..they often shape our environment..many of course don't like this, but I have no problem with it. I like the fact that trains carry so many people all on their own life journey not connected to their fellow travellers other than sitting with them for the duration of the trip.To stand next to a train carrying hundreds of passengers with their lives hurtling past me in the beautiful's about the moment..the hugeness of the train..the sight..the smell and the sound...that's it in a nutshell....there is more regarding specific locomotives..but that will have to wait for another time!:)